Teachers Are Told to Ignore Their Bodies, But Chronic Pain Made Me Listen to Mine

I have never been as vulnerable with students as I was then, having to tell the fifth graders I was in pain.

Mar 23, 2022
How My High School Teacher Became My Abuser

My English teacher helped me believe in my writing. She also drew me into an inappropriate relationship.

Jul 30, 2018
Ashes to Ashes

We all knew my aunt Mary would die young, like five of her siblings. Her chosen method was a speedball.

Jan 14, 2016
Artistic License

Why I failed Introduction to Writing Fiction

Dec 01, 2015
Space Oddity

“I always say kidnap, but Mary might have had custody; it isn’t clear.”

Nov 19, 2015
Modern Love

In which I take a short break from a book tour to play Find a Junkie at Disneyland

Sep 18, 2015