Wolf at the Door: Life on the Alaskan Frontier

“I hunt only for food. But, so do wolves—and my yard is a pantry. The chickens. The rabbits. The dog. Me.”

Nov 29, 2017
Why My Family Takes a Thanksgiving Vow of Silence

The silent retreat gives us all time away from the bewilderment we tend to experience around American holidays.

Nov 22, 2017
If You Want Peace, Go to a Graveyard

“I grew up with the specter of death all around me.”

Oct 31, 2017
Walking Around Guernsey with My Mother: A Chronicle of Anxiety

“The problem with writing about my anxiety is that I want it to be a closed narrative.”

Feb 07, 2017
Contemplating Death at the Edge of the Continent

I do not feel that I choose the fear so much as it chooses me.

Jan 11, 2017