a steadfast soul-birth, tried and true / this is where you sing creation into being

Sep 22, 2022
Complicit Poem

When was the last time you chose / a glass of pinot over fair pay?

Sep 13, 2022

Though, no man can disappoint me / as much as the body I was / born into. Kidding, obvi. I’m Chilling!

Aug 30, 2022
anak ko

past mahal / dressed in the garments / of two pronouns.

Jul 08, 2022
Intellectual Property as a Result

recently I signed a contract / which stipulates anything / I conceive of as a result / of the job belongs to the job

Mar 29, 2022
Laying Down the Groundwork

When I got up before anyone else / I took the heavy clams from the fridge / and put them in a bowl of cool water.

Feb 25, 2022

when his niece asks / tell me about Chía, the answer is always just: it’s a long story / but I think what you’re telling me, is that language is an inadequate grieving

Feb 16, 2022
“Path of Totality”: A Poetry Reading by Niina Pollari

Niina Pollari reads the title poem from her new collection published by Soft Skull Press

Feb 08, 2022
Ode to Diabetes

When I got better I ate / attention, the praise for being alive. There is no praise now. A needle, / a sharp’s box, yellow asking me to slow down.

Jan 19, 2022
Haibun on the High Bun

everything shifts as she twists and spins her hair, lifting it to chignon. / So self-assured, as if the gesture were always hers

Dec 22, 2021
playing the dozens with loneliness

your lonely ain’t alone if it’s waiting for him

Nov 10, 2021
Let Me Show You

oh, how my little joys have saved me

Oct 13, 2021
When your friend tells you: “these kids

at night, when i’m outside and / the wind shakes the chimes, it sounds like the bell

Sep 14, 2021
Ashes at Kande Beach, Malawi

Everything is an elegy these days, all chipped rings, / clipped wings.

Jun 29, 2021

I took my time shrugging / into this divinity

Jun 02, 2021
[Political] Dialogue

There were two worlds then, the one we lived in and the one she invented, where my aunt remarried and nobody ever went to America

Jun 01, 2021
Origin Story

I became an invader myself / a pathogen with survival traits

May 24, 2021
A Man Called After Dark

the smoke of belt burn / and nectarines and me / — I will learn to love him

May 17, 2021
On Some Saturday, After All of This

there is little room for sourness, / little room for anything other than a vibrating joy

May 11, 2021
Universe With No Fictional Films

I was afraid of being kidnapped.