Losing My Religion

The Oil Cross: On Being Raised to Wage Spiritual Warfare

They were fallen angels, Satan’s henchmen, and they were everywhere.

Mar 29, 2017
Almost: On Catholicism, Belief, and Belonging

“I wanted to be the one Father Tom winked at, the one whose hair he gently touched with his large, sturdy hands.”

Feb 01, 2017
The Lord’s Supper

“If you let God in and then don’t let him out again, what happens to your body?”

Oct 04, 2016
From Atheism to the Cosmic

“Finding solace through trusting God became frustrating.”

Breaking the Horse

God has given you a special task, they said. Save your mother’s soul.

Jul 26, 2016
The Book in the Box

Getting trashed was my way of announcing who I was: not Mormon.

Jul 19, 2016
With Non-Believing Feet on Holy Ground

“I am not in awe of God, but I am in awe of faith.”

Jul 12, 2016
A Night in the Village

“What happened to my night that was supposed to offer me a glimpse of hope?”

Jul 05, 2016

“I say I have sloughed off religion like a diseased limb.”

Nov 13, 2015