Las Cosas, Cosas Son: The Things We Give Up to Be Here

At detention centers, these prized possessions go straight into the trash. A devastating omen for the way immigrants are treated in this country.

On Signs and Solitary Women; or, Why I Kept the Bureau for Myself

“Was I meant to get that desk just to show a stranger the course of her life?”

Mar 05, 2018
Death and Its Museum

“Beauty and decay: the unhappy conjoined twins of progress.”

Mar 09, 2016
Birds 101

“There are five steps involved in avian taxidermy: skinning, fleshing, wiring, mounting, and grooming.”

Feb 10, 2016
The Red Cardigan

“I couldn’t bear to wear it and just kept it, sacramental but radioactive with loss, in a box in a friend’s garage by the beach.”

Oct 23, 2015