Origin Stories: Mr. Robot and the Death of My Father

“Tragedy taught me one thing: Bad shit happens, and it can happen to me and the people I love.”

The Mystery of the Woods: Twin Peaks and the Pacific Northwest

“Twin Peaks did much to define the image of the Pacific Northwest in the popular imagination.”

Love in the Age of Prince

“After hearing ‘1999,’ I wouldn’t date any woman that wasn’t down with Prince.”

May 02, 2017
Bruce Springsteen: The Ultimate Dad

“The dads are here for Bruce; the dads hold these truths about Bruce to be self-evident.”

Jan 18, 2017
It’s Okay to Be a Lot: On Watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

“This is what being obsessed is: It is making a huge production in your mind.”

Dec 19, 2016
Horror Movies and the Single Mom

I taught my daughter that a woman can fight demons all on her own.

Dec 14, 2016
Enter the Mars Volta

“Omar and Cedric turned center stage into a two-man prog version of Soul Train.”

Dec 14, 2016
Let Me Do My Show: My Life with Billy Joel

“Billy Joel is the clown prince of my middle age.”

Dec 13, 2016
Rage Against (and with) the Machine

“I was afraid of what people would think if I cared too much.”

Nov 08, 2016
Don’t Cover Your Eyes

“Six Feet Under made me remember when my grief was raw.”

Sep 14, 2016
This Is an Essay About Stranger Things (for the Girls Who Love River Phoenix)

“He singes the parts of you that are hidden by your first real bra.”

Crushable, or My Life in Crushes: John Doe from X

“He remained a man apart, forever an unattainable object of desire.”

Jul 22, 2016
​Into the Cinema, Onto the Page

“Movie buffs, like writers, have no problem with solitude.”

Jun 01, 2016
Love, Disability, and Movies

“My black disabled body is not the body reflected on screen.”

Apr 27, 2016
Miami Vice

“I cannot reverse time, but I can always go back.”

Apr 26, 2016
Nights a DJ Changed My Life

“I’ve spun into a new, 33 RPM version of myself.”

Apr 19, 2016
March Madness

“This is recovery, but it feels like basketball magic.”

Apr 12, 2016
A Band Named Hotdog

“Hotdog’s goofy lyrics were a mainstay of my childhood.”

Apr 06, 2016
Americana / Dying of Thirst

“He looked down at us and asked, ‘What the fuck am I doing in Iowa?’”

Apr 05, 2016
Killing Like They Do in the Movies

“Black ghosts dangle in all the corners of my horror flicks lately.”