Adventures in Grammar

In Defense of Suspension Points

“Is the ellipsis an oft-abused stab at accounting for omissions or a way of marking time, which is to say breath, which is to say life, thought?”

Sep 30, 2016
In Parentheses

“Parentheses can, as Woolf and Nabokov demonstrate, withstand single years and world wars.”

Aug 18, 2016
The Long Dash

“Em-dashes play all types of roles—extender, interrupter, lister—but what they have in common is an inherent desire to do more, to say a little extra, to create a kind of double time.”

Jun 02, 2016
Jeb: An Elegy!

“It was a move obviously born of desperation. And ever since, Jeb has had a little piece of my heart.”

Feb 26, 2016