Why I’m Letting My Best Friend Haunt Me

“The symptoms of anxiety and the symptoms of a haunting are so similar.”

In the Kingdom of Tamarac: Shuffleboard and Other Acts of Remembrance

What I knew about my grandparents was enough to fill every hidden closet, every secret candy drawer.

Dec 13, 2017
How to Look at an Argument: Goodbye

“I told you all these lies because I was afraid you would leave me.”

Dec 12, 2017
Closed Casket: One Family’s Story of Suicide

“I never told dead brother I loved him. My fear of him was too great.”

Dec 07, 2017
What the World Gets Wrong About My Quadriplegic Husband and Me

They imagine I’m his “caretaker,” a loaded word, veritably stuffed with presumption.

Dec 06, 2017
Guidelines to a Safe Abortion in Nigeria

“Culture should change as people do because people should define culture.”

Dec 05, 2017
Island of Debris: The Unofficial Toll of Hurricane María

“Very deep down I know that we will rise, but for now, I still need to mourn the debris.”

Dec 05, 2017
Why We Brought Our Son to the Pediatric Geneticist

Kids are all mystery, and mine are no different, but the unknown has especially marked my son.

Dec 04, 2017
“If a Girl Isn’t Pretty”: When Beauty Is the Ideal and Humor the Fallback

“Being a funny girl like Fanny continues to skew the way I see myself.”

Nov 28, 2017
How to Look at an Argument: “I Love You, Anthony.”

Once upon a time, in a land much larger than this one . . .

Nov 28, 2017
Learning to Fly: When You Have to Be Your Own Parent

Even as a child I found extreme pleasure in the things I could control.

Nov 27, 2017
The Thanksgiving We Never Had

“1993 was the only year when my parents and all my siblings and I could have spent the holiday together.”

Nov 21, 2017
On the Internet, Everybody Knows You’re a Horndog: On “Beach Rats” and Gay Chat Rooms

Remembering the online world of gay chat rooms in the digital moment before social media.

Nov 16, 2017
What I Saw When My Father Wrestled Cousin Pedro

The object of my desire is rarely men like my father, uncle, or the other men in my neighborhood. Cousin Pedro is an exception.

Men Stop Me Running

At fifty yards, I wave like I see someone I know. Ten feet away, I flash my pepper spray.

Nov 13, 2017
How to Look at an Argument: Le Sigh

“How can I trust you if I don’t understand you?”

Nov 13, 2017
The Lie Beneath the Story of My Family’s Asian American Dream

The story affirms our goodness by assuring us we did it on our own. The story tells us to not make waves.

Capturing Dementia’s Voice: Postwar Memories Under Siege

If I collect Oma’s memories, if I truly remember my grandmother, I too can retain what is slipping away.

Nov 08, 2017
How I Felt Watching the Election as a Survivor of Sexual Assault

On Election Night, I thought again of the boy who assaulted me. When had I finally stopped blaming myself?

Nov 08, 2017
Act Right: Raising a Black Boy from Six to Seven

“I want him to stay as sweet and soft and cute as he is now. He is my baby boy.”