This Native Jewelry Designer Combats Stereotypes Through Art

“People really want to fit Native people into a box, in this safe stereotype space. I defy every single stereotype anyone has ever held about Native people. I enjoy breaking those stereotypes, completely smashing them.”

Mar 21, 2019
Looking for a Reflection as the Only Asian Actor in a Production of ‘Mulan’

I felt humiliated singing a song about honor when I could only feel shame. As I stood in yellowface, I had finally fulfilled my quest to become white.

Mar 20, 2019
My Father the Minister

I wasn’t looking for mere acceptance, I wanted love.

Mar 19, 2019
To See or Not to See

I just wanted to believe my eyes were magic, that only I could see things that existed below the surface.

The Weight of Words: Self-Acceptance Doesn’t Have to Be a Solo Journey

I don’t want my self-worth to hinge on a relationship. But vulnerability is a practice, and for me, it has been a valuable one.

Mar 14, 2019
Counting to Ten Without Numbers

My dyscalculia turns counting a difficult task. So, to get to know them, I turned numbers into people.

Mar 14, 2019
When Someone Loses A Bunch of Weight, Maybe Don’t Lead with “How’d You Do It?”

Weight loss is not a life change that just happens with a snap of one’s fingers. There’s more to it than that, even when people say it’s just about “putting in the work.”

Mar 07, 2019
Why I Don’t Call My Child a Miracle

This is the problem with the vocabulary of miracles when it comes to childbearing: It ends up equating failure of conception or birth with a divine curse.

Feb 28, 2019
I Wanted to Know Why the Ocean Ate My Grandfather

As a child of many cultures, I wasn’t sure I could lay claim to one. But I learned that identity can grow and stretch, widen and encompass more than a single country or language.

A Heathen’s Love Affair with Churches

Most of my formative adolescent experiences took place in churches, but it was never about god. What drove me was a feverish desire to belong.

As a Disabled Writer, I Know My Stories Are Worth Telling

These worlds I dearly love, with science-fiction that supersedes the science in our reality, deserve Smart Drives and automatic doors and disabled heroes, too.

15 Minutes with Rose-Marie Swift, a Cosmetics Maven Who Sees Colors in New Ways

The beauty industry right now is run by dinosaurs. What’s in these things we put on our bodies?

Feb 14, 2019
With His Absence, My Artist Father Taught Me the Art of Vanishing

My father was missing. How could I put him back in the picture?

Feb 06, 2019
Translation Is an Act of Love, a Gift That Transcends Borders: 15 Minutes with Fruznik Tadevosyan

“The books are my brothers,” Fruznik says, in one of his turns of phrase that sound seamlessly romantic. “They are not lifeless things. They are living.”

Jan 31, 2019
What Springsteen’s Music Means to This Child of Working-Class Immigrants

I relate to what Springsteen sings because he reveals much of the American Dream as an intoxicating illusion.

Jan 31, 2019
Our Mothers’ Violence and What’s Left After

Our mothers wanted to protect us. So they hid us, beat us for having opinions, for being too inquisitive in a world that doesn’t permit girls to be curious about things.

Jan 28, 2019
When You Defer Your Dreams to Take Care of Yourself

Whether it’s postponing motherhood or dreams of the perfect dog, the most painful steps to living the life you want are often the most necessary.

Jan 23, 2019
15 Minutes with Olive Thomas, Former Follies Girl and Full-time Ghost

Whenever something goes wrong at the New Amsterdam Theatre, it’s because of Olive Thomas. But the people working there don’t mind; they say, “Technically, she was here first.”

Jan 17, 2019
When My Grandfather Dies, No One Will Say He Was “Gone Too Soon”

When my grandfather threatened to kill himself, I began to wonder if, as he sees it, he has effectively stopped living.

Jan 16, 2019
What Is Common, What Is Rare: Why Extraordinary Events Cannot Eclipse Everyday Racism

We’d denounce the marches and torches and chants. When that moment passed, we’d continue to live with the ghosts of our country’s peculiar legacy.

Jan 14, 2019