Don’t Write Alone: Columns

So You Want to Start a Writing Group

For our May Writing Question of the Month, we asked a few writers what advice they’d give to someone who wants to start a writing group for the first time

Writing the Senses: Touch

In this five-part column, Hannah Howard explores the senses from a craft perspective

Apr 21, 2021
Help! My Jealousy Over Other Writers’ Success is Destroying Me

In our first Tarot + Craft column, Sarah Elaine Smith gives advice to a bitter writer

Which Books Would You Choose for an English Course?

If you could design your own syllabus for an English course without restrictions, what are five books you’d choose to include?

Self-Doubt and the Submission Process

In the first installment of this three-part column, Eva Recinos explores how we can get out of our own heads and into a space where we can submit work

Apr 06, 2021
Writers Who Eat: Bix Gabriel in Conversation with Ross Gay

“I’m writing about my relationship with the land, and I need to get from sorrow to debt to gratitude.”

Apr 05, 2021