Cover Photo: An image of the writer holding a pencil that is as large as her body as she sketches faces that interconnect
Illustration by Sirin Thada for Catapult

Writing Family Ensembles in Memoir

Writing is decision-making.

She talks to herself in the kitchen. Guilty, undoubtedly, your honor!

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It’s important because it happened to you. But it only goes in the book if it answers the central question we’re trying to answer.

What does it mean to you to fix the past? fixpastyou



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Cinelle Barnes is a formerly undocumented memoirist, essayist, and educator from Manila, Philippines, and the author of Monsoon Mansion: A Memoir and Malaya: Essays on Freedom, and the editor of A Measure of Belonging: 21 Writers of Color on the New American South. Her work has appeared or been featured in the New York Times, LongreadsBuzzfeed, Literary Hub, and CNN Philippines, and received support from the John and Susan Bennett Memorial Arts Fund, Focus Fellowship, Sustainable Arts Fund, and the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art. She's a contributing editor and columnist at Catapult.