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Publishing a Book Is Hard on Your Mental Health

A book’s pending publication, despite all the to-dos and excitement, can be a really hard time. Here are a few ways to navigate the prepublication blues.

Singing Lessons for the Stylish Canary

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Maybe I shouldn’t be a writerMaybe is my one chance, and then I should go back to nurturing other authors’ dreams. Put mine in the past. After all, having a novel in the world is something I can check off my list in April. Maybe this isn’t the beginning of my novelist career; maybe this is it, just one book.



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Singing Lessons


Laura Stanfill is the publisher of Forest Avenue Press. Her debut novel, Singing Lessons for the Stylish Canary, is forthcoming from Lanternfish Press (April 2022). Her nonfiction has appeared in Shondaland, The Rumpus, The Vincent Brothers Review, Santa Fe Writers Project, and several print anthologies. She believes in indie bookstores and wishes on them like stars from her home in Portland, Oregon, where she resides with her family and a dog named Waffles. Join her newsletter: