Cover Photo: This header image is the cover of Toni Mirosevich's new book, SPELL HEAVEN, next to her headshot
Photograph courtesy of Toni Mirosevich

Little by Little, Toni Mirosevich Returns to a Place Where People Are People

In this conversation, Ploi Pirapokin talks with Toni Mirosevich about her new short story collection ‘Spell Heaven,’ the art of bullshitting, and the fluidity of genre.

Spell Heaven: And Other Stories .

Spell Heaven


This picture shows a moody sky above a rough sea. Both the sky and sea are dark blue. On the right side of the photo, we see a pier stretching into the water
Photograph courtesy of the author


In this photograph, a man wearing a raincoat holds out a large crab to the picture-taker. He is smiling. Two other people in raincoats stand behind him and we see a group of men with fishing poles standing farther back in the photo.
Photograph courtesy of the author

Spell Heaven

ZYZZYVASpell Heaven

Don’t Write Alone

Spell Heaven

Several men are standing, looking over a bridge. They are dressed warmly and hold fishing nets and fishing poles.
Photograph courtesy of the author

Pink Harvest



Toni Mirosevich squats on a grassy knoll above the sea. There are wildflowers decorating the grass all around her.
Photograph courtesy of the author

Spell Heaven: And Other Stories.

Ploi Pirapokin is the Nonfiction Editor at Newfound Journal, and the Co-Editor of The Greenest Gecko: An Anthology of New Asian Fantasy forthcoming from Wesleyan University Press. Her work is featured in, Pleiades, Ninth Letter, Gulf Stream Magazine, The Offing, and more. She can be found on