Cover Photo: This header photo includes the cover of Josh Riedel's novel, 'Please Report Your Bug Here,' along with a headshot of Josh.
Photograph courtesy of Josh Riedel/bookcover via Henry Holt and Co.

Josh Riedel Believes Tech and Writing Connects Us Together

In this conversation, Ploi Pirapokin talks with Josh Riedel about his new novel ‘Please Report Your Bug Here,’ his time working in the tech industry, and the joys of building a literary community.

Please Report Your Bug Here


This photograph of Josh was taken from the other side of a window. We can see trees and leaves reflected in the window, which lends a kind of blurring effect to his face.
Photograph courtesy of Andrew Owen

Please Report Your Bug HereHow to Live Safely in a Science Fictional UniverseThe Paris Review


In this photograph, Josh is standing along the edge of a body of water, holding a copy of his novel. The Golden Gate Bridge is visible in the background.
Photograph courtesy of Erin Price

Stories from the Tenants Downstairs

In this photograph, Josh is sitting on a beach. The light is yellow and warm, as if the photo was taken during golden hour.
Photograph courtesy of Andrew Owen

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Please Report Your Bug Here

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