Cover Photo: This header image has a background illustration of many stacks of books. In the foreground, there are headshots of each of seven the participant's in polaroid-like frames.
Photographs courtesy of the participants/Illustration by Eliza Harris for Catapult

Interning In the Publishing Industry

A roundtable discussion with Catapult’s current and past interns.

What is your current role, and when did you intern with Catapult?

What has your professional journey been like? How did you arrive at Catapult?

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Latinx in PublishingWriters Mentorship ProgramFeminist Press

World of Warcraft

What were your duties as an intern, and how do they differ from your current position?

How has your internship experience helped or contributed to your current position?

What advice do you have for someone interested in interning in the publishing industry?


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Alyssa Lo is a poet & writer exploring language and the speculative as a way to understand the present with work in Catapult  and Strange Horizons. Originally from Hawai'i, Alyssa is now based in New York.