Cover Photo: This is a version of the two wolves meme, where a white wolf and a black wolf look at each other in front of a full moon. The top of the moon reads "Inside of you there are two wolves." On the black wolf is the text "One is an author" and on the white wolf is the text "The other is an audiobook narrator"
graphic created by Stella Cabot Wilson using Canva

I Read My Own Audiobook Like It Was Someone Else’s

I expected that inhabiting the roles of both the author and the narrator at once would bring me closer to the text than ever, in a way that might feel uncomfortable.

The Jungle Book

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A Town Called Solaceaner sex


A Town Called Solace

Some of My Best Friendsmouth

funnyabsurdironictoo Tajja Isen, a woman of color, writes about the world and her experiencesTajja Isen writes about her experiences in the world as a woman of color

Some of My Best Friends

this book is gonna call me out

Tajja Isen (@tajjaisen) is the editor in chief of Catapult magazine..  Her first book, Some of My Best Friends: Essays on Lip Service, will be published in April 2022.