Cover Photo: This is a production still from the original 'The Secret Garden' movie. In it, the three main characters are all together in the garden. Next to them is a small pond with lily pads and ducks and the walls of the garden are growing green and strong all around them.
Production still of 'The Secret Garden'/Warner Bros.

Finding the Secret Door Into Your Novel

If you’ve ever written a novel or tried to write a novel, you’ll understand the immensity of building out a book from nothing.

The Secret Garden

The Sound and the Fury


The Secret Garden

What Should Be WildFrom the Beast to the BlondeMaddalena and the DarkSourThe Upstairs House

Julia Fine is the author of The Upstairs House, winner of the Chicago Review of Books Award for Fiction, and What Should Be Wild, which was shortlisted for the Bram Stoker Superior First Novel Award. Her third novel, Maddalena and the Dark, is forthcoming in June 2023.