Cover Photo: This photograph shows a hand with painted fingernails holding up a glass ball. The rest of the photograph is blurry, but through the glass ball we clearly see a row of buildings, which are flipped upside down.
Photograph by Anika Huizinga/Unsplash

Finding My Authentic Voice as a Late-Diagnosed Autistic Writer

I had always used writing to try and make sense of myself, without realizing just how much of this was a way of processing a divergent experience of the world.


intersecting your identitiesthe higher your chances of remaining misdiagnosed or undiagnosed


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I don’t do that, but Peggy certainly does


Geek Girlresponded with a resounding no

I don’t have to make every deadline, respond to every call for pitches, or even get my novel finished this year

Aisling Walsh (she/her) is a queer, feminist and neurodivergent writer based between Ireland and Guatemala. Her stories, essays and features have been published in LitHub, Crow and Cross Keys, Púca, The Squawk Back, Litro, Barren, Rejection Letters, Cordella Mag, Pank, Entropy Mag, Refinery29, The Irish Times, and The Establishment. Her personal essay "The Center of the Universe" was selected as runner up in the So To Speak CNF Prize for 2021. She is currently working towards a PhD in sociology at the National University of Ireland Galway, where she is researching decolonial and feminist practices of healing justice in Guatemala.