Cover Photo: This black and white image is a production still of 'The Newsroom,' and in it the characters are standing in the middle of a prairie around a television screen sitting on the ground.
Production still of 'The Newsroom'/HBO Entertainment

Begin to Build the World of Your TV Series

The success of a show often hangs on the writer’s ability to create a compelling sense of place. Use this prompt from classes instructor Alexander Aciman to imagine possibilities for your very own TV series.

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What is a job you’d want to have for only a month?

I’m going quit my job, sell all my stuff and go do X, What job are you afraid you’d be good at?

What’s the least desirable vacation spot?

Who is that person at a party that guests gravitated to?

What’s your impossible life?

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Alexander Aciman is a screenwriter and journalist living in New York. His work has appeared in The New York Times, the Paris Review, The New Yorker online, Tablet, and elsewhere. After working on the Netflix documentary series Rotten, he co-wrote and sold an original series to Amazon. He is currently developing material for film and television with various studios and production companies.