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Cover Photo: This header image is a headshot of Ana-Maurine Lara, the cover of the anthology 'Teaching Black' and a headshot of drea brown
For Editors Ana-Maurine Lara and drea brown, ‘Teaching Black’ Is a Love Letter
Ruth Joffre interviews Ana-Maurine Lara and drea brown about their anthology ‘Teaching Black,’ the process of putting the book together, and what it means to be in conversation with authors included in its pages.
Jan 10, 2023
Cover Photo: This header image is a headshot of Kurt Baumeister next to the cover of his novel, 'Pax Americana.'
Kurt Baumeister On the Synergy of Being an Editor, Critic, and Novelist
Christine Sneed interviews Kurt Baumeister about his role as acquisitions editor for 7.13 Books and the history of his authorial, editorial, and critical work.
Jan 24, 2023
Cover Photo: On the left is an image of the cover of STRANGE LOOPS, which depicts an illustration of a woman's naked back as she lies down. On the right is a headshot of the author, Liz Harmer.
Liz Harmer Is Working Out Thorny Moral Questions
Jean March Ah-Sen interviews Liz Harmer about her new novel ‘Strange Loops,’ crises of faith, and the mysteries of existence.
Jan 31, 2023

Cover Photo: This black and white photograph looks upward at a statue of two angels entangled in a delicate embrace.
The Uses of Tenderness
In this exercise from instructor Ariana Brown, try crafting a poem that honors the truth of what it means to be in deep relation with others, in the hope of recovering tenderness.
Jan 11, 2023
Cover Photo: In this color photograph, a person stares into their reflection in a window with a look of defiance.
On Writing Into Your Fears and Anxieties
We as people, especially those of us with anxiety disorders, spend a great deal of time playing the “what if” game. We are, in a way, already playing with fiction. Why not channel our imaginations and extend our “what ifs” to the page?
Jan 18, 2023
Cover Photo: This photograph shows a line of hikers climbing up a ridge as the sky begins to darken in color, as if the sun has just set.
Reimagining Language and Our Own Stories
How can we write about language in a way that feels meaningful? Try out this prompt from instructor Jenna Tang to use language as a lens through which to tell stories.
Jan 25, 2023