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Cover Photo: comic panel-style illustration with a photograph of the interview subject, journalist Ed Yong, inset on the right in a green cutout star shape, with the Atlantic logo in the upper left corner, against a teal-blue background
How Science Journalist Ed Yong Helps Readers Make Sense of the World
“If you do it well, science writing trains you to grapple with uncertainty, to embrace nuance, to run toward complexity, to try hard to make sense of the world.”
Apr 09, 2021
Cover Photo: Book cover by Catapult/Photograph by Travis Tanay
How to Sit in Companionable Silence: An Interview with Lynn Casteel Harper, Author of ‘On Vanishing’
“We can begin to identify other ways to conceive of dementia apart from terror. The stigma isn’t simply inherent—so it doesn’t have to remain this way.”
Apr 13, 2021
Cover Photo: Book cover by Grand Central Publishing/Photograph by Lou F. Bank
Actions Must Have Consequences: An Interview with A. E. Osworth, Author of ‘We Are Watching Eliza Bright’
“I take real issue with the idea of ‘in real life’ versus on the internet. That’s not a distinction that exists. It’s not honest.”
Apr 14, 2021