Dave Housley

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Dave Housley's third collection of short fiction, If I Knew the Way, I Would Take You Home, was published by Dzanc Books in January 2015. He is an editor at Barrelhouse. He tweets @housleydave.


Cover Photo: Seven Clowns Before the Explosion by Dave Housley
Seven Clowns Before the Explosion

This is what it is all about, he knows: improbability. It is the joke that this whole circus is built around: a tiger, an elephant, a hot air balloon, right here in Des Moines or Indianapolis or Altoona. Seven clowns and a monkey piling out of a car, one after the other in a tangle of funny shoes and makeup and hobo clothes, and just when you think there surely couldn't be more room in that car, here comes another one.

Sep 14, 2015