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I don’t swim to exercise. Rhythmic laps have never been my thing. Tonight, I swim because I’m restless, unsettled, and water helps to shift things back into place.


"Your tongue is too purple, your fingers are too cold. Your pulse is quiet."

Healing Anxiety Inside and Out

When my generalized anxiety disorder began involving debilitating panic attacks which turned into full-fledged agoraphobia where I was completely housebound, I knew I had to make changes to my life – and I did.

May 16, 2019
Fear and Trembling

Years of complacency undone by one little pill

Feb 20, 2019
Creator in the 21st Century

Thoughts on a career in which you have to be on social media to "succeed" and curating your social media to actually get some good out of something with so many negative impacts

Jan 14, 2019
Cat Man

You can't give him what he needs. Neither can his cat.

Jan 12, 2019