Cover Photo: This photograph shows the stars and the milky way.
Photograph by Brent Cox

Thanking Our Stars

This poem was written by Caitlin Wolper in a 12-Month Poetry Collection Generator taught by Angel Nafis


  “Jewish Poet” and what am I afraid of?

  • Sheitel-

pogroms and not grandfather was a suburbs?

our stars never did us much good. Painted violence, Thanksthe way Seinfeld would say it—


  Synonyms include:   remain alive; cling to life; pull through   get through; hold on; hold out;   endure; remain; go on   linger; exist
  be extant

  I mentioned Hebrew school.   He turned, naked surprise:   “You’re the first Jew I’ve ever met.”

                                 remember the yellow bruise?


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Caitlin Wolper is a poet and journalist. Her work has been featured in Hypertrophic Lit, Ghost City Review, Longleaf Review, Hooligan, and more; her bylines include the New York Times, Rolling Stone, and Teen Vogue. She uses all caps or all lowercase on Twitter @CaitlinWolper.