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Novel Workshop with Jean Kwok: Getting from 20 Pages to a Novel

This four-day workshop will be offered as a part of Catapult and WME's Writer's Winter Break this coming January 2020

- Support and feedback from fellow dedicated, aspiring novelists

- A chance to get specific feedback on your novel’s structure, characters, overall coherence, and story

- A rare opportunity to receive one-on-one advice from distinguished novelist Jean Kwok as you figure out the next steps for your manuscript


- By January 1st, participants are expected to submit 5 to 10 double-spaced pages from the beginning of their novel. These pages should be whatever the reader will read first, whether they are from a Prologue, Chapter One, or something else

- Participants are also expected to submit a 3-to-10-page double-spaced synopsis or description, describing what will happen in the novel from beginning to end, or as much as they’ve determined so far. (Go ahead, spoil the ending if you’ve got one!)

- Participants are expected to provide constructive verbal feedback on each other’s work

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