Cover Photo: Not Like Thelma & Louise by Dasha Ziborova

Not Like Thelma & Louise

Real Time in Ink




women retired at 55 only to take on a responsibility of raising grandchildren. I always suspected this was a government plan to ensure that young mothers go back to work without delay. My mother expected me to do the same. She was deeply disappointed that I had a different plan. Even though she was very involved in caring for my son, he was never given over to her the way I was to my grandmother. In a way, I robbed my mother of her chance of bringing up a small child all by herself.

finally on my way to maturity, turning 50 next summer, and I never felt better, or more alive. I feel like waving to the fellow younger creative mothers who struggle with small children and their art and jobs and husbands and shouting at the top of my lungs: "There is a life here after all, you too will get to it in some time!" Of course, my priorities got some upgrades on the way too, and now Grandma Moses is my ultimate role model. Like her, I aspire to be discovered at 70.

Real Time In Ink

artist / graphic novelist/ illustrator of "Chrispin The Terrible", "The Numbers Dance" and "In English, of Course"/  born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, lives in NYC