Cover Photo: My Ex Ghost by Budding Dirt

My Ex Ghost

My Ex Ghost

Ooo. Spooky.

Just like an idiot in a horror movie I got out of the house and walked towards the backyard to seek where the sounding was coming from. Suddenly i saw a woman with a black garment calling me i once read about having sex with a witch and that memory pinched my mind with chills and fear as she continue calling.

My heart raced wildly in my chest. That awful terror was crawling deep through my skin even though dawn was approaching. The woman’s voice echoed in my head like she charmed me or something. I scrambled to my feet but kept going.

She disappeared but i followed her past my grandmother's abandon house.

I past a dozen of doors still hearing the swoosh of the creature’s dress. I ran past another set of concrete stairs still hearing the thump of the creature’s step.

She shouted ; " Fred do you remember a girl you went to high school with that was murdered by her mom’s fiance because of necrophilia fantasy involving her". I replied yes.

"And you did nothing ? I thought you loved me? I thought you will be there for me? But instead you went away with my close girlfriend after my death ". The shit scared my blood out.

She was carrying a robe in her left hand- she wanted me to commit suicide. And besides the door to the hallway there was no another way to get out of this kitchen so it was either i do what she wants or think past fast.

I was trembling in phobia her voice grew stronger and stronger;

"Fred do it,do it for our love,do it for me,come my dear come" the more she spoke the more i was making quick decisions in my little dumb brain.

Suddenly my mum called "Fred where are you? The creature immediately disappeared. I went straight to my bedroom shaking.

After a while i did my house chaos.

As the evening approaches i took a rest on a couch my mum was not a round . Suddenly i heard the same voice again calling i woke up and went straight to the store_ i was getting tired of this same bullshit as i was busy finding a weapon to kill that thing she was already in the room I could feel her presence; Her ugly odour was all over .

Halloo honey ? Are you looking for something to kill me? How stupid are you, i'm immortal remember? she said. “You’re an assassin now?” Maurine’s voice kept climbing higher her voice lobbed back and forth. Back and forth. Until it became noise. Nothingness. I stayed staring at the abyss for hours if it kept going like that.

She left the room to near by kitchen where i heard her calling; Fred ! Fred ! Come help me i'm in pain ?

When i rushed to the kitchen i realized her fingernails were bloody, torn apart. Little bits of nail with red her hair flew back she had no ears. Just flat skin across the skull.

That shit looked like a horror movie.

i pissed on my trouser and went straight back towards the door. I ran down the long stretch of hallway that seemed never-ending. I ran until I stumbled over her wearing white garment full of blood.

"Since when did you start running away from me?". She asked. Whole of my body was paralyzed and unconscious.

I needed to make a choice. Fast. Otherwise i will be dead...


Budding Dirt's poetry is intelligent, musical, gritty in observation, graceful in method. You can see a young man building his house of poetry & music, my writing reflect on building a balance society and making it a home. .

Behind Budding Dirts’s beautiful Brain their is a big heart. a conscientious kenyan citizen, using his high profile for doing philanthropic work and is actively involved in a number of is partly partilly what i like doing.So lets go change world for a better place..