Cover Photo: I walk upon the water like it’s easier than land by Jackson Darland

I walk upon the water like it’s easier than land

“We’re drifting, Joey. How long are we going to drift like this? You really think we’re gonna just shore up in Luang Prabang and stumble on Leona’s expat-birth-mother? I know I’m beating a dead horse, and I know we’re all the way out here… but I think that’s what’s making me realize. Joey, something doesn’t feel right anymore.”

Like the salmon in the creek, she’s dying full of life

I found her on the overpass and wondered who she crooned

Her naked feet were dangling through the rails like a flume

Giggling at the semi-trucks as if they held a secret

When I saw that it was hers, I knew I’d have to keep it

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It's likely you would find me with my index knuckle jammed into speed crack, chalk on my bare feet, or half-naked, running on some road, or pretending to be thoughtful, sitting on dead ponderosa needles..

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