Cover Photo: Baby Ada, Photos by Emily Metcalf
Baby Ada, Photos by Emily Metcalf

I love you

"He spoke the words “For every action there is a reaction.” "

I love you. We are all alike. We are blessed. Slowing down is essential to the well being of our hearts and our bodies which exist on a communal level of consciousness. I love you is something that you can say out loud to yourself. But perhaps a bird will hear. Perhaps your lover. Perhaps the only one who needs to hear is God.

We are a community. Whether you worship God or not, we are connected by ethos, threads of thought, physical energy and dreams. We do not all sleep at the same time and this leads to the revelation that God loves us all. One person awake and one person sleeping. One person speaking to a bird, one riding a dirt bike. We are all connected, one and the same. We say I love you to ourselves. We say I love you to our families. We say I love you to the water as we sail across it in our boat. We say I love you to the ticking of the clock. We breathe these words. We do not have to speak for God knows, listens, hears what we are saying and prays with us.

What is going on in our current generation? My question: Why do we have to divide and label our generations by a decade or twenty years? Can’t we all be as one? The same generation? I believe we are alive and this makes us whole. This makes us the same generation.

The definition and thought of the “Baby Boomers”, “The X Generation”, the “Me Generation”, comes from demeaning thoughts from parent to child or child to parent. We should remember that though time exists, we meet as one on a universal plane after we die. So why then, in this present do we subdivide and label who we are? Technology is a gift. New is good, old is good. Gold and silver are equal value in the eye of the beholder. I am you and you are within me. When a parent rejects a child or a child rejects a parent war has begun.

What is war? Violence, divisiveness, thought can be war. Must we think our way to extinction? I believe, contrary to Bob Marley’s popular saying as taken as negative, that action is peace. He spoke the words “For every action there is a reaction.” Positively, this means to me that our choices lead to change and improvement. Love is improvement. ‘I love you’ evokes change and reaction.

We must see things in the positive to get better. Our planet needs to heal. It is more broken, starved and war torn than ever. Rearranging things, acting in truth and power, loving mother earth and ourselves can evoke this positivism which is electric. Let’s adhere the generations, become one people, and glorify the positive. I love you is the answer.

Choice made me better. The realization that I choose, here and now, in this very moment what I can do. Choice is the action that changed my LIFE forever.

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