Gone Baby Gone

Haven't written anything in some time. It isn't because I haven't had anything to say, but because my family and I made the move to GA on June 4th, finally got into our new house on June 11th, and are still unpacking boxes and making it like home. Let me tell you first hand: relocating 13 hours away from the first home you ever owned while suffering from borderline and bipolar 2 is not hard. It is HELL. I battled some serious demons over the last few weeks and some serious near break downs. It has been a crazy roller coaster ride with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The ups and downs have been enough to stress out my normally extremely calm wife, so just imagine what it has done to me. The demons have been feeding. The bites have been big. The bleeding never stops. But I forge on. Chin up, charging forward like a punch-drunk boxer in the 12th round. of a prize fight. I might get knocked down, but I will continue to get up. The man who never falls proves nothing. The man who falls and continues to get up, continues to fight, refuses to quit; that man is scary. That man is relentless. That man will win his fight. 

I will win. I will try to write more. I picked up a part time job already with some crazy hours, so my time will be even more limited, but I must do what I need to do to keep my family healthy and happy. Their happiness trumps mine 10 fold! 

I am a 40-year old husband and father of four. I am a Master's student, an avid fisherman, motorcyclist, beardsmith, human canvas, powerbuilder (cross between bodybuilding and powerlifting) who loves to write.  I also struggle with borderline personality disorder. Come along on the wild ride as I fight to reach the shores and not let this disease win!