Cover Photo: Tallulah Pomeroy
Tallulah Pomeroy

A Conversation with Tallulah Pomeroy

“I am happiest when the line is coming straight from inside, or straight from my eyes, and there’s no brain in the way.”

Tallulah Pomeroy has been Catapult’s in-house illustrator  since  its launch. She has drawn girls in baths and women in bed, made gifs of hermit crabs and rabbits, illustrated the Fifteen Minutes series, designed banners for our special topics including At Work and Adopted and Losing My Religion, and written her own story about a sheep that meets an unfortunate end.  While continuing to delight us every week with her talent and her range, she’s now at work on a new project: A Girl’s Guide to Personal Hygiene, an illustrated  book to be published by Soft Skull Press next year. Here she answers questions about what it’s like to draw for us and explains how the new book came to be. 

Emily Flamm piece. It’s free and indirect, so I felt I could be more abstract in my approach too. I had loads of fun illustrating Nancy Matson’s story too, because I could really get into the atmosphere of the circus with all the weird characters, and I loved the sense of awkwardness and anticlimax.

Hopefully this is visible in my drawing. Sometimes I feel like doing long slow pieces, and at other times I want to be loose and fast, and now I’m comfortable with going with that rather than worrying I need to stick to a specific “style.” Catapult has never made me feel like I need to be one particular thing, which I appreciate.

Submit a story to A Girl’s Guide to Personal Hygiene here

Yuka Igarashi is the web editor in chief of Catapult and the editor in chief of Soft Skull Press.