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The Price of Online Dating

Is Online Dating Free? Or Expensive?

Nov 15, 2018
Sources of Finance for Small Business

Mehul Mathrani | Finance Manager | United States

Nov 13, 2018
The Man in Dick Van Dyke's Hat

Alan was a broken soul wandering through life without purpose until his Uncle Paul told him a strange, fantastical story about the man in Dick Van Dyke’s hat. The man was a deranged, demonic carnival barker traveling the world in search of broken and damaged souls to entrap in their own private nightmares. Alan was a perfect target. Could he escape the man’s cotton candy nightmare and possibly save others?

Nov 11, 2018
The Value of Visual Storytelling Goes Beyond Film and Television

I have been watching more animated short stories and videos lately (mainly on youtube) and wanted to write a bit about elements of storytelling and how they translate to me!

Oct 25, 2018

Short story I wrote for a class; constructive criticism is incredibly welcomed!

Oct 20, 2018
Orange Juice

The tiles around the kid shaped orange juice are glassy like somebody polished them. You bend down, get your face real close ‘cause you can almost see your reflection in it and you’d kill to see somebody you know right now. Up close the stink of piss socks you up the nose.

Oct 18, 2018
See Me Run

Most days, he steers around me like it is a dance, or a children’s game; like we are playing Pretend the Floor is Lava. I am lava and sometimes he looks at me like my head might roll right off my body and bowl him down.

Oct 18, 2018
Making Friends with Elephants

A Emu is saved from drowning by an elephant, then he and his girlfriend Gotva wonder the jungle fighting evil.

Sep 19, 2018