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The Man Who Collected Stones (Part Five)

A strange sight befalls the father and son pair observing Tate Tenda..

Oct 11, 2017
The Man Who Collected Stones (part 4)

Curiosity leads a young man to the village magician... What will he find?

Oct 09, 2017
The Man Who Collected Stones (part 3)

A magician of note or just a smart fool? The village could not decide...

Oct 06, 2017
The Man Who Collected Stones (part one)

The story of a man who baffled his community and yet became a hero...

Oct 04, 2017

A typewriter in a free fall accelerates at nine point eight meters per second squared.

Sep 25, 2017
Tiny personal victory

No matter the place, the high stools were always the best seating spot

Sep 16, 2017
(Excerpt) The Requisitions: A Novel

I rebel: against my past, against history and against a present that places the incomprehensible in the cold storage of history and thus falsifies it in a revolting way. —Jean Améry

Sep 13, 2017
A story with meteor shower

“About a thousand years from now, it seems the Earth will hit this comet with its thick tail”, he told her. “But we won’t be here anymore”, she answered. “Oh yes, we’ll be in the comet’s tail, as stardust”, he said.

Aug 22, 2017
In Line

"Even in her busiest moments, she was in a state of unrest, and working was a socially acceptable stimulus."

Aug 20, 2017
The Master of the Air

She was deadweight in his arms.

Aug 17, 2017
in other shadows unborn

excerpts from a Samuel Beckett fantasia

Aug 17, 2017