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Technology in Future:

I’ll try to predict the technology of our future basing on the latest discoveries and inventions. Let’s see if it’ll help us survive.

Mar 13, 2018
Red, White & Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop taught me American Values

Mar 12, 2018
The neverending heart of Pierre “l’officier”

(Past Life Storyteller: I get a public domain picture from the archive and create a story for it as an attempt to revive the image through the text.)

Mar 10, 2018


Feb 21, 2018
Between the Pages

"We had no faces and no names in the margins—no facts that could be traced to the world outside the one we had built together."

Feb 13, 2018

Sometimes your favorite food isn't enough

Jan 23, 2018
What if This is The Matrix?

Inspired by Music: Grammy Versions III

Jan 22, 2018