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How to Relocate to Germany

Tourism in Germany – travel, breaks, holidays. ... to see you again soon! close. Sustainable Travel. Travel Barrier free. German Summer Cities. Germany at night ...

Sep 19, 2019
Rice Bullies

"Similar to the way people giving up sugar, and cutting back on calories, drink gin or vodka and tonics."

How Popular Is Your Zodiac Sign?

This is the most common zodiac sign in each US state.

Aug 21, 2019
Diving Under

This is the doorway into revelation, into self healing.


Somehow losing myself, fighting for solid ground against wells of grief and tears, forgetting my name, being caged and medicated, allowed me to find reality.

Mutant Scars

A few days after her niece was born, she had gone to the shore and gathered a small bone and a rock.

How Creativity Saved Me

My journey to create a platform to inspire people to make time for creative expression through simple, daily prompts

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

You'll lose points for unnecessary use of the word blase despite posing for the underground paparazzi.

Jul 06, 2019