Cover Photo: Illustration by Tallulah Pomeroy for Catapult
Apply for Catapult Magazine’s Fall 2019 Editorial Fellowship!
We’re looking for a full-time, paid editorial fellow to work on our daily digital magazine.
Aug 16, 2019
Cover Photo: Photo, Hilton Waikiki, by E.L.M.
Diving Under
This is the doorway into revelation, into self healing.
Cover Photo: Sunnyfield Goat Dairy. Photo by E.L.M.
Somehow losing myself, fighting for solid ground against wells of grief and tears, forgetting my name, being caged and medicated, allowed me to find reality.
Cover Photo: 2007 Harborview, nice side. ELM
Mutant Scars
A few days after her niece was born, she had gone to the shore and gathered a small bone and a rock.
Cover Photo: Photo by Rachael Gorjestani on Unsplash
How Creativity Saved Me
My journey to create a platform to inspire people to make time for creative expression through simple, daily prompts
Cover Photo: Catapult, Counterpoint, and Soft Skull titles
Come work with us in NYC!
Catapult/Counterpoint/Soft Skull seeking new Publicist!
Jul 12, 2019
Cover Photo: Intern with us in Portland, OR by Dory  Athey
Intern with us in Portland, OR
Work with our book marketing dream team in our not-so-secret-anymore Portland office (frequency of office dog snuggles: high)
Jul 11, 2019
Cover Photo: Beautiful, Dirty, Rich by Cailey  Lindberg
Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
You'll lose points for unnecessary use of the word blase despite posing for the underground paparazzi.
Jul 06, 2019
Cover Photo: Home  by Cailey  Lindberg
I'd slide the switchblade he kept underneath his pillow for protection out once he began to drift off.
Jun 27, 2019
Cover Photo: Stopper by Nancy Loughlin
from 2013 - a magical short story
Jun 26, 2019
Cover Photo: Art by Jensen Waldersten
Stockholm Syndrome
Leaving a toxic relationship - with a city.
Jun 26, 2019
Cover Photo: Faithful by Nancy Loughlin
A tale of letting go of things not meant for us
Jun 24, 2019
Cover Photo: Warren's Box by Nancy Loughlin
Warren's Box
*formerly published in Phoenix magazine
Jun 23, 2019
Trial by the Bay
Witnesses in the Valley, a City in Between
Jun 03, 2019
Cover Photo: Intern with Catapult in NYC! by Catapult Books
Intern with Catapult in NYC!
Apply to be a full-time publishing intern or a part-time publicity/marketing intern with Catapult and Soft Skull Press in New York
May 23, 2019
Cover Photo: Restless by Mary Conroy Almada
I don’t swim to exercise. Rhythmic laps have never been my thing. Tonight, I swim because I’m restless, unsettled, and water helps to shift things back into place.
May 21, 2019
Cover Photo: Photo courtesy of Pixabay
Sound Deliverance
Life rejected me. Music was there to catch me.
Cover Photo: Sinkholes by Cailey  Lindberg
"Disabled girl," he would probably call me if it were polite to notice someone's legs twitch uncontrollably.
Apr 21, 2019
Cover Photo: photo credit to BriAnne Wills
Literary Pet of the Month: Claude
This is Catapult's literary pet of the month column. Stay tuned each month for new bookish animal friends!
Mar 15, 2019
Cover Photo: Hi, Bruce!
Literary Pet of February: Bruce
This is Catapult's literary pet of the month column. Stay tuned each month for new bookish animal friends!
Feb 27, 2019
Cover Photo: Fear and Trembling by Darlene McLeod
Fear and Trembling
Years of complacency undone by one little pill
Feb 20, 2019