Cover Photo: Happy Hampton by Bob McCarthy
Happy Hampton
Donna discovers her mother's secret.
Jul 31, 2018
Cover Photo: Overlooking my favorite sunset.
If you can't love yourself...
How the hell you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an Amen!" - Rupaul
Jul 26, 2018
Cover Photo: Therapy Me Please by Briauna Michel
Therapy Me Please
I need new coping skills.
Jul 18, 2018
Cover Photo: Renewal by August Elliot Noh'Egot
Within The Beautiful Struggle
Cover Photo: The life of young Marjane Satrapi through her own eyes- Persepolis by Jeff Teague
The life of young Marjane Satrapi through her own eyes- Persepolis
Today, let’s read about a young girl/ lady, the graphic novel is a visual account of a young lady, based in Iran who, in her own words tells her story of her growing up, the time she spent as a child, what happened to her later own, her family background and other related things. We will discuss the plot; know about the characters, topics and other things.
Jul 11, 2018
Cover Photo: College and beer pong by Emma Britton
College and beer pong
And a boy so very appropriately named Dick.
Jul 11, 2018
Trusting Life's Serendipity
Shaking, Ali knew she was never going to be the same. For the first time in her entire life, she did not know what to do. Her academic life was always perfect: she graduated with an honors degree from a top university and she had a tenacious desire to become a lawyer. She had spent hours preparing her application, sleepless nights of planning her path, and put all her hopes and expectations in this law school application.
Jul 10, 2018
Cover Photo: Hurry up and hustle by Emma Britton
Hurry up and hustle
Most of us are doing it anyway.
Jul 09, 2018
Cover Photo: #Talkingaboutit by Emma Britton
Opening the door to continue the conversations about mental health.
Jun 28, 2018
Cover Photo: Train station? Please? by Abad Enriquez
Train station? Please?
A trip from a colorful hostel in medina to the railway station in Marrakech, Morocco
Jun 22, 2018
Cover Photo: A Creature! by Katharine Valentino
A Creature!
Jun 15, 2018
Cover Photo: Photo courtesy of
A Reconstruction of The Years That Changed Everything
Jun 14, 2018
Cover Photo: How Not To Have Javier Kick Your Ass
 by Alexandros Orphanides
How Not To Have Javier Kick Your Ass
"What’s it going to feel like when Javi punches you in the face?"
Cover Photo: Between la Rauxa and el Seny by Raul Morais
Between la Rauxa and el Seny
The Castells are an insightful view into Catalan culture
Jun 14, 2018
Cover Photo: The Green Grass of Home by Themba Lewis
The Green Grass of Home
I learned the value of language in those days. The subtleties of phrase that mean nothing in one linguistic universe might mean everything in another. Language is our whole world.
Jun 13, 2018
Cover Photo: Intern with us in New York City!  by Catapult Books
Intern with us in New York City!
We're hiring two interns for Fall 2018.
Jun 12, 2018
Cover Photo: Janko Ferlic
Between the Shelves
All who serve in the library are expected to read. It is a necessary task and a dangerous one.
Jun 11, 2018
Cover Photo: Image was taken by Richard Legner/Getty Images
Deep Breath
I had trouble breathing last night, Mom.
Jun 10, 2018
Cover Photo: Black Memories by Buya Marach
Black Memories
Jun 09, 2018
Cover Photo: Heron, Raven, Red-tailed Hawk Feathers
Bungalow In Boston
She sat at her phone, sucked in by the neon light.