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6-Week Online Coaching with Fatin Abbas

“Fatin is a wonderful instructor... I think often of her advice to push myself and take risks in my writing.” - former student

This six-week 1-on-1 coaching course is for writers of all stages working on short stories or a novel.

Each of the last four weeks, writers will submit up to ten pages for instructor review, which will be discussed in 1-on-1 conferences held in the Salon. Writers will work independently on craft lessons geared toward gaining a deeper and more assured grasp of the key building blocks of fiction. They'll leave with a better understanding of how to integrate these key elements more effectively into their our own writing, so as to create compelling, original and expressive fictional works. As this is a private coaching class, specific writing goals can be accommodated and developed in collaboration with the instructor. 


- A better grasp of each of the key building blocks of fiction, and how to apply them in your own writing

- In-depth feedback from your instructor

- Advice and tips on how to approach publishing your work 


Week 0: Introductions, writing goals, and scheduling.

Week 1: Plot (short story readings and plot writing prompt). First workshop

Week 2: Point of view (short story readings and point of view writing prompt). Second workshop

Week 3: Character (short story readings and character writing prompt). Third workshop

Week 4: Setting (short story readings and setting writing prompt). Fourth workshop

Week 5: Style (short story readings and style writing prompt). Fifth workshop

Week 6: Publishing your work: publications to approach, query letters, and agents. 

Fatin Abbas

Fatin Abbas’ novel, Ghost Season, is forthcoming from W.W. Nortonn. Her fiction has appeared in Freeman’s: The Best New Writing on Arrival, The Warwick Review, and Friction. Her non-fiction writing and essays have appeared in The Nation, Le Monde Diplomatique, and openDemocracy, among other venues. She is the recipient of a Miles Morland Foundation Writing Scholarship, a Bernard Cohen Short Story Prize, and a Miriam Weinberg Richter Award. She has taught creative writing to undergraduate and graduate students at Manhattanville College. 


“Fatin is a wonderful instructor. Her class challenged me as a writer and a thinker, by introducing me to written works that varied in style, structure, and scope. I think often of her advice to push myself and take risks in my writing.”

“Fatin is an inspiring instructor. She sought to bring out the best writer in all of us, focusing on each of our strengths and showing us how to use different devices and structures to give form to our stories. She was generous with her feedback and throughout each session offered insightful and helpful critiques, all while instilling confidence in our abilities. I would definitely take a class with her again.”

former student

“Fatin Abbas offers a compelling debut with “On a Morning”…which explores the fragility of the space between conflict and calm.”

The Australian (on “On a Morning,” in FREEMAN’S: THE BEST NEW WRITING ON ARRIVAL)

“[Fatin Abbas] moves swiftly in and out of four or five different characters points of view like it was nothing, like it was what she was for. It reminded me instantly of the narrative poise of Chimamanda Adichie in “Half of a Yellow Sun,” the way her steady hand with interior lives allows her to take a big wide angle shot of her country with the whole tale.”

Electric Lit (on “On a Morning,” in FREEMAN’S: THE BEST NEW WRITING ON ARRIVAL)