Award-winning classes by writers, for writers. When you enroll in a writing workshop at Catapult, you join a community that extends beyond the classroom

Award-winning classes by writers, for writers.

We believe in community, mentorship, rigorous feedback, and revision. We know writers need other writers to thrive. Catapult’s writing program is like an MFA program without barriers—affordable, day-job-friendly classes for writers with all levels of experience.

Our course offerings seek to expand each student’s Perception Box, the powerful metaphor we use to define the structure and boundaries of how we see others in their full humanity, and invites new ways of seeing and being seen. The craft conversations that occur in each class encourage all participants to challenge their assumptions about writing, about the publication process, and about each other. In our program, we ask that our students be open to learning new ways of thinking, communicating, and writing.

We offer courses in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, translation, screenwriting, and playwriting taught by acclaimed, accomplished writers and publishing professionals. Classes range from two hours to twelve months long and meet on each night of the week, so there’s plenty to choose from that fits with your schedule.

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