Atom Evie Atkinson

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Atom Evie Atkinson is a writer and teacher and formerly the director of Catapult’s writing program and Chautauqua Institution’s literary arts programs.


Cover Photo: This photograph is entirely dark, save for a small bright ring light in the center of the photograph, held delicately by a hand whose fingers are softly illuminated by the clear light.
Speculative Artist’s Statement for Queer Writers

Try out Atom Evie Atkinson’s speculative artist’s statement, developed to help her students pivot from past educations to a utopian future of their own design.

Cover Photo: This photograph shows a hand uplifted to catch the reflection of a rainbow on their palm. The background of the photograph is grey and the vibe reads as pensive and melancholy.
What Does It Mean to Be a Queer Writing Mentor?

For our Education Week series, Atom Evie Atkinson interrogates her teaching experiences and how she learned to write past queer melancholy in the classroom.