Ambika Kamath

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Ambika Kamath is a writer and biologist, currently based in Boulder, Colorado. She is working on a book that reimagines how we study the evolution of animal behavior. 


Cover Photo: An image of an anole lizard perched on a log
Studying Lizards Taught Me How to Trust

They led me to a place where trust became possible.

Aug 15, 2022
Cover Photo: A black and white illustration of an antlion's life cycle—a large sand pit in the center, surrounded by trees and vegetation in the background. In the foreground is a large adult antlion and a dragonfly in flight. There are also smaller antlions at the bottom of the sand pit.
Studying the Antlion Taught Me How to Be Human

As a behavioral ecologist, I was asking of the natural world the very questions I was too scared to ask of myself and those around me.

Feb 16, 2022