Toni Mirosevich

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Toni Mirosevich’s stories about an overlooked community on a crumbling coastal town in the Bay Area have appeared in Catapult, Fourth Genre, Michigan Quarterly Review and are forthcoming from Counterpoint Press. She is the author of six books of poetry and prose and lives with her wife in Pacifica, California.


Cover Photo: In this photograph, a whale rises above the ocean, water droplets streaming from its pale fins. The weather is sunny but the blue tones in the color are chilly, as if the picture were taken on a brisk day in the autumn
As If You and I Agree

It’s relieving when you find someone who feels the same way you do about Covid-19 risk and public safety. But what about those who disagree?

Nov 10, 2020
Cover Photo: Photograph by Wonderlane/Flickr
Taking My First Step Toward a Stranger

If you’re lonely, you can spot another lonely person a mile off. The lonely can recognize kin.

Apr 29, 2019
Cover Photo: Rob Pettengill/flickr
The Year of Mercy: Too Far Gone on the California Coast

Misfits, outliers, drifters have always lived by the sea and at the mercy of the elements.

Jun 05, 2018