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"Elis Aaron (they/them) is an androgyne writer, editor, and activist. They have written copy, essays, narrative nonfiction, and journalism for online and print publications, and worked in communications at UMass Boston. They are a member of and social media assistant at the Horror Writers Association. They are working on two horror novels -a modern Gothic-by-the-sea and a queer, feminist serial killer thriller- and many pieces about psychology and horror. They are also affiliated with NAMI Massachusetts.


Cover Photo: photo via Ted Eytan/flickr
I’m a Person—Not a Pre-Existing Condition

“The worst days I’ve ever known could be my future under the American Health Care Act.”

May 15, 2017
Cover Photo: dierk schaefer/flickr
We Need to Recognize Complex PTSD in Order to Treat It

Our communities lack fundamental solutions to the scars of complex trauma.

Apr 26, 2017
Cover Photo: Photo by Matt Trostle/flickr
The Art of Catching a Breath: On Buddhism and Politics

“Revisiting Buddhism in this changed world is like a balm for my wounds.”

Feb 21, 2017