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"Elis Aaron is an androgyne writer, editor, and activist specializing in mental health, addiction, and trauma. They have written copy , essays, narrative nonfiction, and journalism for online and print publications, as well as UMass Boston. They are affiliated with Active Minds, the Mental Health America Advocacy Network, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), No Stigmas, and the One Love Foundation."


Cover Photo: photo via Ted Eytan/flickr
I’m a Person—Not a Pre-Existing Condition

“The worst days I’ve ever known could be my future under the American Health Care Act.”

May 15, 2017
Cover Photo: dierk schaefer/flickr
We Need to Recognize Complex PTSD in Order to Treat It

Our communities lack fundamental solutions to the scars of complex trauma.

Apr 26, 2017
Cover Photo: Photo by Matt Trostle/flickr
The Art of Catching a Breath: On Buddhism and Politics

“Revisiting Buddhism in this changed world is like a balm for my wounds.”

Feb 21, 2017