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Kashana Cauley is a native Wisconsinite who lives in Brooklyn. The Atlantic, Esquire, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency & Tin House have published her essays, fiction and humor. She won the 2012 Esquire/Aspen Writers’ Foundation Short Short Fiction Contest. She recently completed a novel.


Cover Photo: photo by Alex Proimos/flickr
Privacy is for Everyone, Not Just the Rich

“We need to try and secure our personal information now.”

Nov 30, 2016
Cover Photo: photo by Ron Reiring/flickr
Milwaukee’s Black Middle Class

“I was going to blend in, and maybe live there forever.”

Sep 21, 2016
Cover Photo: photo by thinkretail/flickr
The Forgotten History of Banana Republic

“Why do the stores still have that insulting name?”

Aug 03, 2016
Cover Photo: photo by Jonathan McIntosh/flickr
Feminism’s Class Divide

“Feminist discourse became the visible strain of cultural feminism.”

Jun 14, 2016
Cover Photo: Jacques Nicholas Bellin
Behind the Accent

“Madisonians have an almost mythical belief in their accentlessness.”

May 03, 2016
Cover Photo: duncan c
The Undead Hipster

“If you can’t have money, cool will do.”

Feb 24, 2016
Cover Photo: Rebecca VC1
The Interloper

“Americans don’t typically like being reminded of slavery.”

Nov 24, 2015