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Elisa Gabbert is the author of six collections of poetry, essays, and criticism, most recently Normal Distance (Soft Skull, 2022) and The Unreality of Memory & Other Essays (FSG, 2020), a New York Times Editors' Pick and finalist for the Colorado Book Award. She writes the On Poetry column for the New York Times, and her work has appeared recently in Harper’s, The Atlantic, The New York Review of Books, and The Believer.


Cover Photo: This is an image of a trash can full of crumpled up paper that is turned on its side with the paper spilling out. The trash can is against a peach background.
Write a “Bad” Poem

When you try to be “good” it doesn’t always work, but something fascinating happens when you try to be “bad.”

Sep 14, 2022
Cover Photo: Marsden Hartley, The Bright Breakfast of Minnie , Denver Art Museum
Personal Data: Notes on Keeping a Notebook

“A journal isn’t about the self, but for it.”

Nov 09, 2015