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Yuvi Zalkow is the author of the novel I Only Cry with Emoticons (Red Hen, 2022) as well as A Brilliant Novel in the Works. His short stories have been published in Glimmer Train, Narrative Magazine, Carve Magazine, Rosebud, The Los Angeles Review, and others. Yuvi received an MFA from Antioch University. He uses his poor drawing skills to make YouTube videos and mobile apps that ooze with his worries and anxiety. To learn too much about him, visit yuvizalkow.com.


Cover Photo: A photo of six brightly-colored spoons laid flat against a bright blue background. The spoons are arranged in alternating height—a tall one, then a short one. They are purpple, orange, blue, yellow, pink, and robin's egg blue.
On Writing with Chronic Migraines

How do you build a creative practice around chronic pain?

Jun 27, 2022