Winshen Liu

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Winshen Liu is a former software engineer and product manager from Chicago. She has lived in Cambridge, Guangzhou, New York, San Francisco, Taitung, and Washington, DC, and hopes to one day live in Europe. She is currently revising her first novel, applying to MFA programs, and working as a bookseller at her beloved local bookstore, Semicolon. Her writing has appeared in the Santa Fe Writers Project Quarterly.


Cover Photo: This photograph shows shoppers coming up to a bakery counter. The light is crisp and warm, as if the sunlight streaming in is from a crisp fall morning. There's a chalkboard on the wall and many delicacies displayed on the glass counter.
Excerpt from ‘American Cheese’

This novel excerpt was written by Winshen Liu in Lynn Steger Strong’s 12-Month Novel Generator.

Nov 29, 2021