Cover Photo: A photograph of Sigourney Weaver in the Alien film franchise. She is carrying a young child and holding a large gun in her other hand.
Horror Films Understand the Terror of Pregnancy

We are told we will forget the pain, as though all the trauma of childbirth evaporates from our minds. But it did not for me.

Aug 08, 2022
Cover Photo: Two images of Kim Kardashian standing against a dark peach background. Her blonde hair is slicked back and she is wearing a tight, glittery beige fitted dress.
The Enduring Myth of the It Girl

The mystique behind icons like Kim Kardashian and Marilyn Monroe comes from the parts of American culture we prefer not to look at too closely.

Aug 03, 2022
Cover Photo: Promotional still via HBO Max
According to ‘Finding Magic Mike,’ Feeling Sexy Is a State of Mind

To perform is to literally be seen, to expose yourself willingly. It’s much less scary with people who have your back.

Aug 02, 2022
Cover Photo: This header image is a headshot of Charlie Jane Anders and the logo for
Charlie Jane Anders Wants You to Know Daydreaming Is Important, Serious Work
In this interview, Ruth Joffre talks with Charlie Jane Anders about her craft book ‘Never Say You Can’t Survive,’ building writing communities, and queer joy.
Jul 19, 2022
Cover Photo: This header image has a headshot of CJ Hauser next to the cover of her new memoir, THE CRANE WIFE.
CJ Hauser Is Making Meaning from a Fragmented Life
Ladane Nasseri interviews CJ Hauser about her memoir in essays ‘The Crane Wife,’ the impact of a viral publication, and the braided-essay form.
Jul 20, 2022
Cover Photo: This header image is a headshot of the author Deesha Philyaw next to THE SECRET LIVES OF CHURCH LADIES book cover
How’s the Writing Going, Deesha Philyaw?
“For me, getting better as a writer is learning how to get to the essence of things and boil down all of that exposition and backstory.”
Jul 26, 2022
Cover Photo: An illustration of a figure on a terrace, looking out on a red lake
anak ko
past mahal / dressed in the garments / of two pronouns.
Jul 08, 2022
Cover Photo: This illustration shows an apartment complex detailed like you are looking at the backside of a dollhouse and cut out of black paper. We see various scenes going on in different rooms, but in particular one apartment shows people having sex, while the apartment below it is being banged and rattled around
Intellectual Property as a Result
recently I signed a contract / which stipulates anything / I conceive of as a result / of the job belongs to the job
Mar 29, 2022
Cover Photo: This photograph is a close up image of a shiny, orange clam, it's hinges open to the delicate sunshine that reflects off its shell and the wet sand beneath it.
Laying Down the Groundwork
When I got up before anyone else / I took the heavy clams from the fridge / and put them in a bowl of cool water.
Feb 25, 2022
Cover Photo: Photograph by Jim McDonough/Flickr
Playing Games
Anyone can play, she said. Just don’t cheat.
Jul 29, 2022
Cover Photo: Illustration by Sirin Thada for Catapult
An Old Hope
In previous pages of my journal, what I had remembered of the poem she’d shared with me, I jotted down.
Jul 22, 2022
Cover Photo: Illustration by Sirin Thada for Catapult
Our Prevenir wristwatch alarms went off, the sound like a flock of robotic seagulls. One pill, every fifteen minutes, for twelve hours of each day.
Jul 15, 2022