Cover Photo: An image of heather on hill at sunset.
How the Literature of Empire Shaped My View of the Natural World

It took me years before I realized that I’d built my notions of beauty from the stories of a distant land.

Apr 02, 2020
Cover Photo: Photograph via Shutterstock
How Bodywork Helped Me Find Healing From Trauma

Though I couldn’t articulate it at the time, I somehow knew that both relief and release were no longer optional. They were necessities.

Cover Photo: Photograph by Monica Lozano/courtesy of Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
A Family on the Border, of the Border

I see a wall as tantamount to rejection: to create a physical barrier is to reject the possibility of familiarity.

Apr 01, 2020
Cover Photo: A photo montage of the author's garden: vibrant and lush and full of life
Sheltering in Place in My Backyard Garden
This period of social isolation is, I’ve told my child, an act of love for others. We are, whether we want to admit it or not, part of a herd.
Mar 26, 2020
Cover Photo: A text message being typed out to spell "hore," an Indonesian word, as the autocorrect attempts to change the word to the English "horse"
Autocorrect Is Not Your Mother
Though tech assists so much of our daily communication, it’s not omniscient. Nor is it any kind of authority in our lives.
Mar 23, 2020
Cover Photo: Photograph of an embroidery panel created by the author's grandmother, featuring a young woman feeding birds, surrounded by flowering plants; the face of the young woman is taken from an old photograph of the author's grandmother
Searching for Family History in My Grandmother’s Embroidery
Together, the photograph and the needlework clearly told a story, one beyond any we knew.
Mar 17, 2020
Cover Photo: A panoramic view of the mountainous countryside of Laos: rocky crags covered in lush trees, wide open fields, and a bright sky blanketed with fluffy clouds
For My Immigrant Parents, a Vacation Is a Reprieve from Labor—for Me, It’s a Time to Work
My parents wanted to give me opportunities that they never had, to let me participate in bizarre American rites of passage.
Nov 21, 2019
Cover Photo: A close-up of a statue of a qilin, a mythical beast of Chinese origin
Where Once Were Qilin: Return to Nanjing
What did it mean that now both the villages and the qilin were gone? This portal to the ancestors gone forever.
Oct 16, 2019
Cover Photo: A passport from the United Kingdom  on a stone surface
Why Do Borders and Passports Dictate What Country I Get to Call Home?
The contours of a border become a lot less rigid when you carry what are deemed to be the right documents.
Sep 19, 2019
Cover Photo: A photo of a colorful, highly detailed carousel in the quiet moments before riders pile in and set the ride in motion.
Unbecoming Behavior at the St. Agnes Fair
He always smelled like fabric softener exhaust from the laundromat down our block: like blue bottles of Downy and Saturday nights, when Mami would blow dry my hair straight with dollops of Dippity-Doo.
Cover Photo: A boy, a different boy's shadow, and a small dog atop a pile of trash in a small sea of stomach acid, looking up toward the opening and the light.
Some just want a lick of fame, prostrate at my feet with their sweaty headshots as if I am the one to save them, as if they are worth saving.
Mar 20, 2020
Cover Photo: A balloon being held up in the middle of a field
Forever Atlas with a Balloon
What does a melon dream about as it bathes in tendrils of rainwater, wishing to be invisible?
Mar 13, 2020