Cover Photo: Photographs by Raymond T, Thought Catalogue, Daniel Tuttle, and Mélissa Jeanty/Unsplash
Choose Your Quarantine House (I – IV)

under the dark sitting pretty / on the patch of hardwood floor / where confession / and callousness meet

Dec 02, 2020
Cover Photo: An image of Hannah Matthews with her hand on her belly in front of a cutting board with pears and rosemary
A Pregnancy, a Pandemic, and a Pear Tart

When I first discovered I was pregnant, we were deep into a very strange spring.

Dec 01, 2020
Cover Photo: Illustration by Sirin Thada for Catapult
My Great-Grandfather’s Saddle Rug Helps Me Remember a Tibet That’s Gone

I borrowed a bicycle and explored, in the same way my great-grandfather had gone about on his pony sixty years earlier.

Nov 30, 2020
Cover Photo: illustration of a black-haired woman in a peach-pink dress dragging a chair to the bottom of the sea; above, rolling black hills in the distance are set against a starry sky, with a full moon reflecting on the water's surface
Reimagining Light
The water flows through hollow bones and returns / as a song. It sounds familiar in the beginning / Then always changes.
Nov 02, 2020
Cover Photo: Three figures with masks, one of whom has their arm raised, peeling back bars
Corrective State
The people behind bars are captives of war / The people stolen into camps and cages / speak it plain
Oct 26, 2020
Cover Photo: Illustration by Sirin Thada for Catapult
Shivering in the Summertime
some days my own womb shivers at the thought of / my black ass children being thrown / against any wall
Oct 19, 2020
Cover Photo: Illustration by Cori Lin for Catapult
How I'm Learning to Manage Rage as a Bipolar Woman
Are these the only two stories? The one, where you defeat your monster, and the other, where you succumb to it?
Nov 19, 2020
Cover Photo: Photograph by Beasty Design/Unsplash
May This Pandemic Help Us Abandon Ableist Language
Disability justices can be, and are, plural.
Nov 18, 2020
Cover Photo: Three color-coded and labeled illustrations of cross-sections of the human body, glowing with warm light.
First You Must Know Something Is Wrong
Everyone’s experience of a diagnosis is different. Here is mine: A key opens a lock I didn’t know existed, sending a door swinging wide.
Nov 16, 2020
Cover Photo: A black and white photo of a baby's hands grasping at the hand of an adult.
Olive Olivia Olive Olive
With the baby came trouble, but not any of the kind the mommy blogs warned Ana about.
Cover Photo: A close-up shot of a Black woman's eyes, forehead, and hair
Professor Anita Baker
She was frightened by the lackadaisical way he displayed his violence, the way America trained her students.
Cover Photo: In the foreground, two rusty nails are hammered into a plank of wood; in the background, a mallet rests behind them
Maybe it’s strange that I haven’t acknowledged my ex, but how can I after the nails, which are either about me or not about me, and which is worse?
Nov 13, 2020