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Swan Huntley is a writer living in Los Angeles. Her novels include Getting Clean With Stevie Green, The Goddesses, and We Could Be Beautiful. She earned her MFA at Columbia University and has received fellowships from MacDowell and Yaddo. Her essays have appeared on Salon, The Rumpus, and Autostraddle, among others.


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Cover Photo: The header image for this piece is a painting that Swan completed while reading THE ARTIST'S WAY. A yellow sky with a bright orange sun hangs above green hills. At the bottom of the painting, a bright orange ball floats in a pool's blue water.
‘The Artist’s Way’ is Better Than My Way

Is my singular definition of myself as a novelist useful to me?

Feb 07, 2022
Cover Photo: This illustration has a gray background and shows a blond women sitting at the top of a tottering pile of empty yogurt containers. She is holding a bowl and her hand it lifting a fresh spoonful up to her face.
All the Things I’ve Loved to Death

Am I ever going to know where I hope to escape to? I understand that I’m trying escape from reality, but I’m still not clear on what the destination is.

Jan 25, 2022