Cover Photo: A crossword puzzle created by the author
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Why I Started Writing Crossword Puzzles

But who decides what’s common knowledge?

New York Times

ANNA Christie


ENID Blyton appear frequently in the puzzlethroughout her lifetime and afterBlack characters the N-word

the minor woman in Arthurian legend

thesecretbigotryinthecrosswordcrossword writers and editors are pretty whiteThe New Yorker The Wall Street Journal Timesdemographic of baby boomers

The New York Times New York Times subscriber base of half a million people

The New York TimesELremembers them as the Rojas brothersLJALOUROJASNew York Times

at least twenty timesNew York Times

The New York TimesSex and the City And Just Like That . . . Empire

The New York Times The InkubatorCrosshareRex Parker Does the NYTimes Crossword PuzzleCrossword Fiend

Purple Rain

The New York TimesColombo .

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