Cover Photo: Illustration by Alexandra Bowman for Catapult
Illustration by Alexandra Bowman for Catapult

Where’s Jenny B. Gone?

She had a smile like yours. None of us knew her real name. Then again, none of us were asking.



The Jenny’s

The Jenny’s.

How hard is it to be a single mom? Do you regret taking money out of your retirement fund to be inseminated with your child? You look really tired today.


Where Are They Now, ’00s Rock Stars? Jenny B.

Jenny B. Age: 29. She’s in her third year of Harvard Law School.

Jenny’s mean

I can’t Mommy today.

Are you ok? What happened?

Please pick up Sammy from school? Sleepover? Pick her up noon tomorrow?

Ok . . . only because it’s today. Next time, more notice plz? I bartend 6-2 AM tomorrow.

Owe you sis, thanks a million

I’ll settle for lunch. And a bottle of wine. Where you off to?

            4:51 pm: Cemetery


Bud Light


Tiger Claw


She’s All Thatyou’re the worst

The Jenny’s.


The Jenny’s.

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