Cover Photo: photo courtesy of the author
photo courtesy of the author

When an Adoptee Adopts

We wanted our son to know his first mother. Was it the right choice?

The first time I met my son’s mother, she was pushing, hard.



Maybe Corey thinks we should try IVF again

Maybe he’ll decide adoption isn’t for him.

Maybe we’ll just continue as a couple. As us


There’s nothing I can sayI can’t argue. I’m completely. Without.

Your first mother loves you. Your first mother protected you while you were inside her. Your first mother fought to bring you into the world. She was brave and strong and stubborn. She cried when you were born. She held you and beamed love into your face. She bonded with you in those first two days and it was nearly impossible for her to go through with your adoption.

Names have been changed.

Joy Osmanski is an actor, writer, and coach living  in downtown Los Angeles. She and her husband take care of one son, one dog, and about 60,000 bees. Follow her on Twitter @joyOdowntown.