Cover Photo: image via Dr. Andrew Hudson-Smith/flickr
image via Dr. Andrew Hudson-Smith/flickr

When All This Is History: North London, the Land, and Life with a Neurological Disorder

I have never been anything but this ragged, medicated self; I have never been less aware of the ground beneath my feet.

Let this stand as-is, let it become nothing else; in this place, the world ended

oh, poor you, I get migraines all the time.Want a paracetamol? You could try lying down in a dark room.

Describe itIs it stabbing or a dull ache? Put it on a scale where 1 is “mild discomfort.”

Land Registry is definitive, reality is frequently inaccurate, sic transit gloria mundi

Cluster headacheclustercluster attackcluster head

Rivers, railways, roads

Imagine not living here. Imagine not knowing this place, its grass and water, land and sky, as well as you know yourself.

Iona is a writer, lawyer, and linguaphile, and the product of more than one country. She's written for The Toast, The F-Word, Strange Horizons and GigaNotoSaurus, inter many alia. She is currently working on her first novel, a historical fantasy about spies.