Cover Photo: A screenshot from Liziqi's YouTube video. On the table are purple potatoes, soy milk, steamed rice cakes, fruits, and flowers. An elderly Chinese woman sit as the  table  holding a spoon filled  with some soy milk.
Still from “soy milk, steamed rice cake,” courtesy of 李子柒 Li Ziqi/Youtube

What Soybeans Can Be

Soybeans were linked to life itself.

Glycine max

Ancient Chinese verses

Ukemochi no Kami

entered global trade in 1908Yamei Kin93% of these soybeans

soybean research laboratory

recent essay on tofu pudding

Ines Prodöhl writes that

a dangerous “propaganda food”some claimed“soy boy”

“How America Killed Soymilk”

videos of Li Ziqi

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