Cover Photo: Peter Gersten
Peter Gersten

The Vortex Jumper of Sedona, Arizona

Peter Gersten plans the next level of his “holographic reality program.”

Today is a special day for Peter Gersten.

Red Rock News.

de facto




Please help me recoup my losses on my Belize investment. Please help my wife deal with her health issues and my sister’s cancer.

Please cleanse my soul, body and spirit so that I my find my true self again. Allow me to connect back with the universe.

I, Jolene, deserve and am receiving abundance, of resources, money, food, shelter, happiness, joy, peace, and love.


that guy’s been dead for years.

It will be fascinating to learn what I programmed for myself in this lifetime since it is usually 111% better than what I can imagine it to be in this present moment.

Stay tuned!

Ruins-clambering raconteuse. Typical decadent theologian. Religion/culture writing  in National Geographic, Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, the BBC, and more. Drinking and living what has destroyed some men.

Writing a nonfiction book on religion in America. Just finished a novel about teenage religious fundamentalist killers.  Should probably finish my PhD about religion in the Parisian fin de siecle eventually.